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21 Films by Malcolm McKinnon

Country Football. On the one hand, it’s just a game. On the other, it can be life or death…  The films in this collection mine a wealth of living memory, gathering impressions of how the game has changed and how it continues to evolve into the future, inextricably linked with the broader life of country communities. The twenty-one short films include stories of legendary events and long-time campaigners, of rivalries and reluctant marriages and of things lost and lamented. Collected from all corners of Victoria, these stories characterise both the history and the contemporary significance of country football.

Funding for these files was provided by Victoria's Community Support Fund through two Arts Victoria programs: the Community Liaison Officers and Professionals in Residence program, and Victorian Cultural Network program. They have been produced by the State Library of Victoria in collaboration with the WorkSafe Victorian Country Football League.

Legendary Tales

Never Say Die

BigBrawl The Big Brawl of '36 (Swifts Creek)    (8.3MB) 3:20 min

bootsTough as Old Boots (Granya)    (7.2MB) 3:01 min

immortality Mick Cleeland's Ticket to Immortality (Waaia)    (6.9MB) 2:52 min

SlipSlip Plays On… (Dartmoor)    (7.3MB) 3:01 min

chiltern Time on for Chiltern    (6.9MB) 2.52 min

FrontpageChronicling the Game (Donald)    (6.9MB) 2:48 min

Rivalries and Mergers

Lost and Lamented

rivalryRekindled Rivalry (Hepburn / Daylesford)    (9.4MB) 4:00 min

drop-kickDrop Kick Eulogy (Rupanyup)    (7.9MB) 3:14 min

FiercelyIndependentFiercely Independent (Lindenow South)    (6.8MB) 2:51 min

strange paddocksStrange Paddocks (Chewton, Korweinguboora etc…)    (7.5MB) 3:08 min

ChangingReligionChanging Religion (Orbost)    (8.5MB) 3:38 min

Lake TyersLooking for a Game at Lake Tyers (Lake Tyers)    (7.3MB) 3:00 min

Blowing the whistle

Peculiar Mementoes

assistantThe Goal Umpire’s Assistant (Leitchville)  (6.4MB) 2:40 min

girls can kickGirls Can Kick (Daylesford)    (7.0MB) 2:54 min

men in whiteMen in White (and orange and green…) (Warrnambool)    (8.2MB) 3:28 min

Hamilton '59Hamilton ‘59 (Hamilton)    (7.4MB) 2:59 min

FizzThe Law According to Fizz (Wedderburn)  (7.3MB) 2:59 min

mallee trophyThe Perfect Mallee Trophy (Underbool)    (6.9MB) 2:46 min

The Money Game


winningThe Value of Winning (Balranald)    (7.5MB) 3:11 min


money gameThe Money Game (Hepburn, Swifts Creek & Ouyen)      (7.5MB) 3:03 min


backboneBackbone of the Club (Shepparton)    (7.3MB) 3:02 min


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