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PictureVictoria has evolved as a logical progression from the Local History Project activities outlined in Background. It originally grew from a proposal to develop a database that would enable Victorian public libraries to easily and efficiently catalogue local history material and attach a digitised image.

The database is hosted on a centralised server that all public libraries can progressively add to, enabling individual library services to create links from their own web site back to this main collection of images.

A primary focus of PictureVictoria is to provide a single portal for access to pictorial and photographic collections held in Victoria's public libraries. The site aims to complement existing portals, such as Picture Australia and the State Library of Victoria's Picture Collection. (Additional sites and organisations of possible interest are listed in the Links area, particularly those with a Victorian emphasis).

While not yet a comprehensive survey of the local history collections held by public libraries across the State, it is hoped that as the database grows it will prove to be a valuable addition to the wealth of local and national history resources accessible online.

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